• Maxie Grant

Back to School - Let's get After it!

Before we get into today's article.. That’s right! The Times are back, and better than ever! We have some awesome plans for this school year - you may just have to wait a while longer to find out.

Now, enjoy this VERY important article :-)

Every single ‘back to school!’ email, advertisement, newsletter or social media post always bears the same dreadful words- Welcome back. While I’m sure the intention behind these words are pure, it is all too obvious what us students read- another year of school. Except this year, not only must we face the myriad of pre-existing high school problems, but also the task of trying to keep coronavirus out of our hallways. Though principal Mr.Morrison (JoMo) has prepared us well with his tips of the days, this is still no simple undertaking.

New students have heard tales of ‘chooching’ in bathrooms, and destroyed hockey rinks. If I were them I would most likely be terrified. Now they must face precautions such as two and a half hour classes, and leaving school property during lunch hour. Why? If they don't, they are stuck back in their houses with annoying siblings and online work to do. Trust me- I get it… We all get it. But we also know that, despite our superficial desires to not have to go back to school, online school is the worst. There is no motivation, no schedule, and no extracurriculars. To make it even more atrocious, back to quarantine means missing out on the best part of high school, Citadel in particular: meeting people that you might actually like.

Though in past years this has been made easier for students through sporting and school based events, where students have never failed to enjoy themselves, I have no doubt it will still be possible this year. Nothing bonds people more than struggling through a hard class (MATH) or hating a teacher together. To top it off, If we play our cards right, there is a chance that we might get a delayed and long awaited home opener! For some their first or second, and for some their heartbreaking last chance to dress up in the maroon and gold and scream their heads off for their favorite football players.

I'm rambling.. But please take this posting as the collective student body begging you to follow the precautions the administration has instilled. It's going to suck; My attention span is about 30 seconds, so two hour classes might be the largest battle of my life. But nonetheless, have a little trust. Teachers and administrative staff have been working hard to make sure we are coming back to a fun and safe school environment. The least we can do is try our hardest to make this work. Now, in the words of the greatly missed and forever praised former Times editor-in-chief Patrick Fraser- Let’s get after it!