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Asking Co-Prez Candidates the Hard Questions

If James Madison taught us anything, it's that for democracy to work, it is paramount that those who vote know who their options are. Therefore, the Times editorial staff have grilled each of the seven students running for co-prez so you can make an informed decision during Friday’s online election. Read on, and VOTE. 

General Question: In three or less sentences, what’s your campaign platform?

Teddy Chilsom:  We’re [my staff and I] going to create events that reach out to more niche groups of the school that haven’t felt very represented by the council ever. We’re going to have  just as many events as in the past (without covid-19) by constantly adapting to restrictions.

I’m going to bring a year’s worth of experience on council into the position and into meetings so that no time is wasted learning how the council works (like how to push events and ideas through to the other members, and learning the potential of what the council can be when it’s done right).

Ella Albers: My campaign is about bridging gaps at Citadel. There seems to be such great separations between certain “groups” and I want to bring them together, creating the healthiest, most creative, fun, and inclusive citadel we can. 

Will A-R: My campaign is based on being a voice for the people that don’t normally have one, I feel like I understand what the people of Citadel want and need and I have no doubt in my mind I will be able achieve it. I plan to show the students all their options for post secondary as well as help the students get their voice heard.

Maria Habchi: I want to have a friendly and safe atmosphere at Citadel where everyone feels welcomed and included. I want to have more events that get everyone in to the Citadel spirit! Also just listening to what the student body wants and communicating that with student council!

Bridget Noseworthy: I want this to be everyone’s best year and I know as co prez I will make it happen. I want as many events and spirit related activities as possible and I want the school to feel an upward change in school spirit! I also want the school to feel more connected and more fun!!

Kendra Gannon : I always wanted the students at Citadel to be more inclusive and accepting of each other, so that’s something that I’m really pushing for. I also want to make sure that every student at Citadel has the resources to learn at the same level as every other student. Lastly, I want to make sure that this will still be a great year, while also following the COVID restrictions.

Lily Trivett: My campaign platform is designed to bring together Citadel’s diverse population and make sure that everyone has a chance to have their voice be heard.

Next, we decided to tailor a question for each candidate, so we could better understand their strengths (and weaknesses).

Teddy Chisholm:

Q: There have been reports of you directly requesting endorsements from your peers, do you believe this accurately represents your real amount of supporters?

A: I would say that peers doesn’t quite describe the people I’ve asked fully. I would call them all friends actually, everyone who would’ve voted for me anyway. If you’re going to choose someone to represent you, you should also be ok with promoting them too, to increase the chance they have of representing you. that’s what everyone who’s endorsed me has realized. I don’t think anyone would endorse me but not also support me, so I think the amount of endorsements I have now is a good representation of the real support I have.

Ella Albers:

Q:  Sources have informed us that you were an employee at the Cows Ice Cream Boutique this summer; what inspired your abrupt career change into politics?

A: Scooping ice cream really takes a toll on the wrists and considering it's only a seasonal job, I thought I'd switch to high school politics for the off season.

Will A-R:

Q: Times sources have described you as ‘liked by many’ - If you win, how do you plan to maintain this reputation when under the public eye?

A:My plan is to be a supportive co prez and be able to talk to anyone who wants help, I know a lot of students here so I feel like I understand their needs and wants. I feel like a large amount of people know me so it won’t be hard for them to talk to me about how their feeling or what they want to see from the school.

Maria Habchi:

Q: We saw on your instagram that you do Karate. Do you feel any skills you have learned in your martial arts training has prepared you to face high school political battles?

A: Yes I do! At karate we have a saying “ With peace, perseverance, and hard work we shall reach our goals”. I strongly believe this and that’s how I would reach the goals and plans I have for Citadel.  I was also team captain for the Nova Scotia Karate team which taught me leadership skills and showed me how to run a strong team with different types of people, who have different strengths and weaknesses. This would help with running council.

Bridget Noseworthy:

Q:  In our previous interview in June, you claimed your hidden talent was tik tok dances. Does this skill help you in regards to your passion for school spirit?

A:  Haha great question. I always have a TikTok dance or two in my head which puts me in a good mood, which then helps me have more school spirit. So I guess yeah! I’m also hoping we can do something TikTok related for school because I know how much we all love it!

Kendra Gannon :

Q: We have heard you are a big fan of karaoke in the Cafeteria. Since that's not a possibility right now, as president would you have any plans for other fun lunch events?

A: Well I was thinking we could still do games. For example like a game of jeopardy for whoever's in the caf. Or even a mystery food game where we have four volunteers try and guess the foods they are eating. there's so many things we could do at lunch, while still being safe.

Lily Trivett:

Q: We noticed a comment posted under T.Chisholm's campaign video regarding the quality of his film - Would you say this comment was made in a sarcastic or genuine tone?

A: Oh that was 100% sarcasm. Teddy and I are good friends. I actually thought the video was well done!

That Times hopes that this article is helpful for the student body, and thanks the presedential candidates for their time. Good luck and happy voting!