• Wyn Lumley

Bingeworthy Netflix Shows

Exams are done (your EE is in?), Corona thrives and winter is upon us. What to do with all the time on your hands? Netflix, obviously. These shows are, in my humble opinion, the most underrated gems on Netflix. Take a look, maybe you’ll find your next binge.


Super weird one, I had no idea what I was watching or why I had never heard of it before. Set in near-future New York City starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill as drug addict and potential schizophrenic. Many will be skeptical about this one at first, but give it a chance because I know there are some psychological drama watchers who will LOVE this.

Russian Doll

Groundhog Day, but make it modern day New York City and super cool computer geek who can’t figure anything out because she's permanently hungover. I think anyone can enjoy this 8 episode miniseries, it’s strangely light and fun for its plot and you’ll need to know what happens next.

Please Like Me

This is the sweetest show. A constant rotation of roommates and friends in their twenties, this show will make you hungry for the inevitable days between school and the rest of your life when you have no idea what you’re doing. Plus they’re Australian.

Grand Army

This show was popular for like, one week. I can’t believe it didn’t take off more. It’s intense, but I’ve never felt more represented in a teen show before and the diversity of main characters makes me think others will feel the same. It’s just good.


Please get over the subtitles. It’s worth it to witness the Italian summer teen experience. This series is gentle and cool and beautiful and it was the best pull-me-out-of-this-pit-during-lockdown show.

Sex Education

Hilarious and awkward, maybe not for you if you can’t handle the second hand embarrassment. Validation for those who feel like they’re just not getting the teen thing right (which is everyone?). Somehow the predictable cliches are so enjoyable, and exactly what you crave.

The Last Kingdom

Yeah, okay. 9th century vikings? The creation of England? Don’t judge me, but I know there are some fellow Game of Thrones fans out there dying for some high quality sword fights and badass women.

The Queen’s Gambit

Maybe not so undiscovered as the rest, but I can’t recommend this show enough. Don’t be dissuaded by the first couple episodes of repetitive scenes in our heroine's sad past. The excitement will increase, and so will your love for her (it will never stop, she’s the most likable messed up genius you will ever encounter).

Did I miss anything? Let me know, I’m always looking for some productive procrastination.