• Edie Whittington

Clubs and Committees at CHS

Clubs and committees are a great way to learn new skills, meet new people and get involved in the school community. With schoolwork piling up as well as the feeling of constant exhaustion (I don’t know, is it just me?) you might want something fun and relaxing to do in the middle of a school day. Being part of a club gives you the opportunity to work with others and learn more about yourself, while also being a useful asset when applying to jobs and university. There are a variety of clubs and committees offered at CHS, so that’s why we’re sharing the groups you can join depending on your interests.

If you choose to join a club, you will discover another side to school. There’s more to school than tests and assignments; there’s the community, the people, the students that make up the atmosphere. Clubs and committees give the student body a voice on the student council and the resources to learn about what’s happening in the real world.

Co-Prez Kendra Gannon says “I think that joining a club is a really important part of high school! For the grade 10s, this could be a way to make new friends. For the 11s and 12s, it could help you build your resume. It truly is a great idea to get involved and be a part of the Citadel community.

Here’s a list of clubs going on at lunch.

Mondays :

Environment Committee - Join the environment committee to put your focus towards the earth we live on and how to make Citadel high more environmentally conscious. On Mondays at lunch, in room 318.

Instagram : @citadelenvironment

Songwriters Circle - Collaborate with fellow musicians and learn how to write your own songs. You may have recorded an album or know a few chords on the guitar, if you’re interested in music, come and check it out. Mondays at lunch, in room 221.

French Community - Looking to improve your french? Come speak french with a group of people all looking to do the same. Monday at lunch, in room 102.

Instagram : @citcommunautefrancaise

Dungeons and Dragons Club - Want to relieve some stress and battle some dragons? Dungeons and Dragons has 4 opportunities a week, and is always looking for new members. Monday and Wednesdays at lunch in room 119, and Tuesday and Thursdays in room 319.

Tuesdays :

Knitting Club - Learn how to knit if you don’t know how or meet new people in this cozy club. Tuesdays at lunch, in room 209.

Wednesdays :

Citadel Youth Leaders - Learn more about your own leadership style and collaborate with fellow youth to discuss local leaders and initiatives, while developing your own leadership skills. Wednesdays at lunch, in room 102.

Instagram : @cityouthleaders

Model UN - Learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations in this student simulation. Wednesdays at lunch.

Thursdays :

Athletics Committee - Get involved with the Athletics community of Citadel and have a say in potential initiatives! Thursdays at lunch, room 101.

Instagram : @citadelathletics

Arts Committee - Are you interested in art? Meet like minded people and see what’s going on in Citadel’s Art community. Thursdays at lunch, room 302.

Instagram : @citartcommittee

Spirit Committee - Help increase Citadel’s school spirit by helping to organize cool events. Thursdays at lunch, in room 102.

Fridays :

Health and Community Committee - The Health Action team and Community committee are combined into one committee this year. Join this group to share your ideas on how we can support the students of Citadel and the outer community. Fridays at lunch, room 101.

Trollope Times - Be part of the Citadel’s Online Newspaper. Have the chance to write articles, share opinions and be on the inside of what’s happening in the school community. DM @trollopetimes on instagram to get involved.

International Club - Join international club to meet more people from your culture and share your experiences as someone from a foreign country. Fridays at lunch in room 319.

Instagram : @cit.international.students

Others :

EAL Book club - learn more about this monthly book club in this article! https://www.trollopetimes.com/single-post/the-eal-book-club-is-underway-and-there-is-still-time-to-join

Girls Running club - Currently on hold, but virtual events may happen soon! Learn more in the following article. https://www.trollopetimes.com/single-post/girl-s-running-club

GSA - The GSA is not happening in person this year, but any student wishing to join the GSA Virtual Classroom, please email Cherie at bordenc@hrce.ca and request to join.

Citadel Cleanup Core - Pick up litter around the school to show your care for the environment, Cleanups happen after school and are announced before the planned date.

Instagram : @citadel_cleanupcore

I hope you enjoyed learning about the clubs and committees at Citadel. It can be hard to know what’s going on in the Citadel community, but there’s quite a lot going on. Being a part of clubs can let you meet new people, learn new things and add something extra to your resume. Let us know if you know of any other clubs here at Citadel!