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Get To Know Your Co-Prez's 2020-2021

Last week's election has come to a close, but on no sad note! Citadel has gained two new leaders in Kendra Gannon and Teddy Chisholm. Though the two were already leaders in their personal lives, they have now gained the official title of Co-Presidents. The two made a strong case for their election throughout their campaign, respectively outlining their goals of creating a more accepting atmosphere as well as appealing to a broader crowd. However, just because they have won the election does not mean they are no longer subject to the press - the Times thought it only appropriate to reach out to them for a follow up interview. We assigned senior reporters Gilad Maianski and Anne Christie to the job, expecting nothing but greatness; And greatness we received.  Without further ado, read on and get to know Citadel’s Co-Prez’s for the 2020-2021 school year.

Teddy Chisholm - Interview conducted by Gilad Maianski

Gilad: Hello, Teddy. How are you doing today?

Teddy: Good thanks.

Gilad: So glad you joined us today.

Teddy: Happy to be here

Gilad: So Teddy, how does it feel to be the new Co-Prez?

Teddy: It feels refreshing, mainly because now I actually have a voice on the group at school that can make a change. Therefore, I can now have my ideas shared, instead of keeping them bottled in.

Gilad: How did the campaign process feel?

Teddy: It was a very stressful event, and there was a lot of stiff competition. Throughout the whole process, I didn’t have a sense of who was the clear winner, so come election day, our fingers were still crossed to see who comes out on top.

Gilad: Do you have any plans you wish to pursue in the near future as the new Co-Prez?

Teddy: I would like to talk to the school’s admin to discuss repealing some restrictions. I wish to discuss school events, start time, and lockers, and see what I can do to change some of those rules.

Gilad: Do you have any long-term goals you wish to achieve?

Teddy: New Merch, fun events, and creating a cohesive council are all on my agenda. I want this year to be a time we can look back and be proud of.

Gilad:What are you hoping to get out of this experience?

Teddy: I wasn’t elected to gain something for myself, I want to benefit those who voted for me, and the rest of the student body.

Gilad: Are you excited to work with your fellow Co-Prez, Kendra?

Teddy: Yes, very excited. I think we will work well together.

Gilad: If you could play one song instead of the National Anthem, what would it be?

Teddy: The Narcos Theme song

Gilad: Any last words?

Teddy: Feel free to come to me, or anyone on the student council this year if you have any suggestions or questions, we will answer you.

Kendra Gannon- Interview conducted by Anne Christie

Anne: How does it feel to be the new Co-Prez?

Kendra: Honestly it feels amazing to be Co-Prez. I can’t believe all the support I’ve gotten. Having people come up to me in the halls and tell me they not only liked my video, but voted for me too, means so much to me. If I asked myself 7 years ago if I thought I would be Co-President of Citadel?! I would’ve said “yeah right, no way this little north end black girl would ever win.” I really can’t put this feeling into words and I certainly do not take this title lightly.

Anne: How did the campaign process feel?

Kendra: For me, the campaign process was pretty stressful. I couldn’t figure out what idea I wanted to do. There wasn’t enough time in the day to record all the takes. Trying to figure out how to line up the audio and the video was super stressful. The week was just absolutely stressful. But I think I thrive in stressful situations. It’s weird, I know, but I like the fast paced “I need to get this done” feeling. I also had some really great friends helping me every step of the way! In the end it all payed off. 

Anne: Do you have any plans you wish to pursue in the near future as the new Co-Prez?

Kendra: The first two things I want to do is get some school event ideas going. Since Halloween is coming up, I want to do some themed events. The second thing I want to do is find out what students need technology at home and help them out. It’s October now, and we’re too far into the year for students to still be having a hard time learning at home. 

Anne: Do you have a long-term goal you wish to achieve?

Kendra: This year, for my long term goal, I really want Citadel as a whole to be more inclusive and accepting. I would be completely satisfied leaving Citadel knowing that this school  has come together to be more of a community.

Anne: What are you hoping to get out of this experience?

Kendra: This is my first time ever being on a student council, so I’m excited to finally experience it. It’s crazy that when I think about my first experience being on student council, I will be Co-President. I’m also hoping to gain more public speaking skills because of the fact that I want to be a broadcast journalist. Most of all, because I’m Co-Prez, I’m going to be immersed in school spirit and I hope we can get everyone involved in it too!

Anne: What do you think will be the hardest part about being Co-Prez?

Kendra: I think the two hardest things about being Co-President is just juggling everything in my life and putting my peers' opinions and suggestions into action while also tending to the needs of the school. I know that I’m definitely going to learn how to manage my time better, so I’m not too worried. I’m also sure that we will find a way to have a balance of the wants and needs for everyone.

The Times would like to thank not only Presidents Kendra and Teddy for putting up with our constant spam of messages, but all of the presidential Candidates in this year's election. To Kendra and Teddy; we wish you the best of luck in your term in office, and can promise you that there will be more spams to come.