• Nour Allam

Girl's Running Club

Editor’s Note: Though activities are now halted, and girls running club (for the time being) is off the table, the Times would still like to share this article with you all, our wide array of readers. Perhaps it will motivate you to get up and go for a run yourself, or simply provide you with a distraction for the two minutes it takes to read. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the girl’s run club!

On a cloudy, cold, early Sunday morning most students‒most people, really‒would be bundled up in their heaviest blankets, blissfully avoiding the troubles of their everyday life (I’m looking at you, COVID). For Girls Running Club, however, sleeping-in on Sundays is a wild concept. Girls Running Club has for long been part of Citadel’s mold of clubs and committees and a space where girls from our school can come together to ‘socialize, exercise, and snack!’

This Sunday, the girls were out grinding on Citadel Hill

As co-leader of the club (shoutout to Kagan and Marlo, the better co-leaders), I can tell you that it’s all about girls supporting each other. There’s never any competition, just good vibes. GRC usually starts meeting in the fall, taking a break over the winter and then, restarting in the spring. This year, however, with the rising popularity of zoom, we might start having ‘virtual workouts’ when it’s too cold to be outside. Everyone is welcome to join at any time. If you’re interested in learning more about the club, or just keeping up with its news, follow our instagram @citadelgirlsrunning !

Now, without further ado, here’s a short Q&A with the girls:

Q:Why did you decide to join the club?

A: “It’s an excuse to force me to exercise” -Anonymous

“It’s a good way to start Sunday mornings, get some motivation for the day… Especially when you have a lot of homework” -Rachel, G12

“Meeting new people” -Anonymous

“Yeah, it’s really a no-judgement environment”-Annelies, G12

Some extremely photogenic runners

Q: What's your favourite post-run snack?

“Bananas and chocolate milk!” -Annelies, G12

“Avocadoes” -Anonymous

“Smoothies!” -Ella, G12

“Banana with peanut butter” -Kyla, G12

“Parfaits with yoghurt, granola and strawberries” -Rachel, G12

To finish-off, here’s a joke that speaks us all:

‘What do you get when you run in front of a car?’


Note: Extra shoutout to Kagan for taking this article’s pictures!