• Noah Karabanow and Sasha Oreskovich

Highlights from Semester #1

As the first semester of the 20/21 school year comes to a close, we decided to ask some students and staff at Citadel about their favourite moments of this unprecedented term. We started by approaching students and staff in the hallways and asking them about their highlights from the first half of this year. We recorded our conversations with a phone in Noah’s pocket.

With a rough start, we realized that it would definitely take the Citadel community (including the both of us) a little while to warm-up to this style of on-the-spot questioning;

Sasha: “It’s gonna get pocket noise.”

Kathleen Connolly, Grade 11: “I hope it gets pocket noise, I’m scared.”

Sydney Smith, Grade 10: “Nooo, I feel like I'm being timed.”

Anonymous, Grade 11: “There were none. When that guy farted really loud.” *She said restart*.

Anonymous, Grade 11: *Laughs and cries for a bit then says nothing.*

Mr Broughton, Teacher: *Doesn’t know what to say* “Needs more time.”

A bit of prodding led us to some great answers:

Noah: “What would you say are some of the highlights of this semester?”

Eamon Moan, Grade 12: “I set a new record for crying, just crying in general.”

Anonymous, Grade 11: “We had a mouse in our french class and it was the best moment in my whole year.”

Ms Stockley, Teacher: “Guarding the bathroom.”

After a bit of time to reflect, the Citadel community came up with some genuine moments throughout this pandemic affected term that represented the student bodies strength and perseverance:

Diana Hazelton, Grade 11: “The coronavirus exposure in our chemistry class where everyone was texting, calling and checking up on eachother. Someone would text the chemistry group chat and get like 40 responses within seconds.”

Sasha: “One time I sent a really funny meme in our history group chat but no one responded.”

Noah: “Ya, I think the COVID scare really brought everyone together especially in the chemistry class and the IB program as a whole. I remember going to get one of the rapid tests and seeing lots of Cit people there which demonstrates how we were all going through this together.”

Ms Stockley: “Phoenix Phest was a pretty solid event, extension of winter break also a solid time…”

Sasha: “So all the best moments were when no one was actually going to school?”

We even asked our substitute teacher who had only been at Citadel for two days…

Noah: “Out of the two days that you’ve been here what would you say you love most about our school?”

Mrs. Fowler, Substitute: “Well, it’s gotta be the kids, that’s what keeps me coming back. Teaching, you either love it or you hate it.”

She wished that she could teach at Citadel more often, but she does have to take into account the risk of Covid-19 in our highly populated school. However, her and many other staff members are becoming more comfortable working at Citadel due to the dedication of students and staff to keep Covid from spreading in the halls. It’s an effort that hasn’t gone unnoticed...

Abby Falkenham, Grade 11: “I think everyone has adapted to the Covid situation very well.”

Ms Stockley: “Everyone wearing a mask has been great, much appreciated. I don’t have Covid, so you know, celebrate.”

This had a positive impact on our student athletes as well…

Hilary Orser, Grade 11: “I’m really happy that sports are still able to happen, even in a pandemic.”

Next, we headed down to the caf to ask our hard-working co-prez Kendra Gannon and her friends the same questions, where we touched on the infamous JV soccer beef that took place earlier this year over instagram...

Kendra Gannon, Grade 12: “I think the soccer drama with the JV girls team really brought the school together and showed off our spirit. Definitely the best beef we’ve had in awhile.”

Lanajsha Jordan, Grade 12: “I love how the whole Citadel community got involved, including people that play other sports, people in university, even those who have graduated.”

Mychael Paris, Grade 12: “We read all the comments, refreshing the Instagram page a million times, it was really cool to see all the support.”

Kendra: “It just goes to show how the people here are a big family and we’ll always fight for eachother, whether it be on the soccer field or fighting Covid to keep this amazing school open.”

Lastly, we really saw the importance of academics at Citadel, and the high standards that all of the students here aim to reach.

Eamon: “I mean, I handed in my math IA. It was only 6 weeks late, wait actually I think it was 7.”

Noah and Sasha (in unison): “At least you did it.”

As you can see, there have been many highlights that took place throughout the past 5 months, and despite all of the challenges that we’ve faced, our community learned how to come together and overcome anything that was thrown at us.

We can’t wait to see what we’ll be able to accomplish next semester - good luck Citadel!

Special thanks to: Kathleen Connolly, Sydney Smith, Georgia Lewis, Hilary Orser, Mr. Broughton, Eamon Moan, Ms. Stockley, Diana Hazelton, Mrs. Fowler, Abby Falkenham, Kendra Gannon, Lanajsha Jordan, Mychael Paris, and everyone else who took a couple minutes to answer our questions.