• Elliot Davis

Insider Interview : A Cut Above Lawn care

A well maintained lawn is undeniably one of the most important traits of an attractive property; a multi-million dollar mansion can look like nothing short of a tool shed if it has overgrown hedges or shaggy grass. For fear of property devaluation or simply wanting a nicer looking property, Haligonians who are too lazy to get their mower out, rely on companies such as Trim or Armdale lawncare. Due to static demand and consumers sticking to a single company each growing season, these larger companies have easily gained a monopoly over the lawn care industry of Halifax. Each year, small companies and neighborhood billys have to fight harder and harder for territory. However, this year one small lawn care business shines brighter than the others, in my eyes showing potential for exponential growth: A Cut Above Lawn Care. Founded in May of 2020 by three of Citadels own: Peter Gillham, James  Lawley and Jackson Bruce, A Cut Above has gone from an idea to a business with over 50 clients and 5 figure revenue in the matter of months. 

But how you may be asking, especially if you know those three, as I did when I first heard of their success. That was until I spent a few days shadowing them this summer. Within an hour of observing and helping them it became clear how pure determination and trust in each other makes the difference. Although they only worked 15-20 hours a week, every second on the clock was spent bettering the company. With their three man-crew, it takes only three to five minutes to mow, snip and blow a typical sized urban lot. Most of their days were spent travelling in the truck, where instead of dozing off or joking around they would talk about business plans, reach out to potential clients, or study their pile of lawn and gardening books. I was fortunate enough to meet the three many years ago. To me, and others lucky enough to have gotten to know them, their chemistry is obvious-whether they are mowing, on the football field, scrambling to find a houseparty on friday, or any situation they may find themselves in. They trust each other to make the right decisions and to do the job to the best of their ability. 

Being productive with their time spent not mowing means nothing if they don't make your lawn look good. This is where A Cut Above does better than any of its competition. They mow lawns for two reasons “to see that grass cut perfectly” as stated by Jackson when asked about their motivations for starting the company. And as quoted by Peter "When you see grass, we see money".

This innate desire to make the lawns of Halifax look better than they ever have is what gives A Cut Above the upper hand compared to their competitors. Their clients recognise this, telling everyone they know about their seriousness. Peter told me, when asked about the difficulties of gaining the first few clients, that “The first few were hard, definitely, but Jackson really pulled through and put everything he had into getting those ten first clients. He would go door to door, put up posters, he even went as far as to call realtors of houses for sale that had poorly maintained grass asking to get in touch with the owners of the house. We all knew that once we secured those first ten or so clients our work would speak for us, and it did. After those first few weeks spent proving our skills and dedication, we had calls coming in everyday.” 

Once I saw how determined they were, it solved the question of how they became so successful, But one question stayed in the back of my mind. These three? Sure they care more about lawns than other companies and are more eager for success, but by themselves none of them seem like they'd be capable of a third of the success they've found this past summer. It wasn't until I listened to the ‘intro’ to Savage mode II by 21 Savage and Metro Boomin, where Morgan Freeman exclaims “when these men join forces to put the focus of reaching the same goals, to attain the same outcomes,they are not two, but one. Instead of simply adding one’s common attributes to another's, they somehow tend to multiply all attributes of both” that I understood. Their individual personalities and skills complement each other in such a way that they are destined for greatness, whether that is with A Cut Above or a future business venture.