• Nour Allam

Learn About Citadel's Friday Cleanups

Citadel Cleanup Core volunteers pose for a picture after another victorious cleanup

It was a sunny Friday afternoon at Citadel High School. Of course, no bells rang to indicate that it was the end of the day but you could tell that it was around 3:00PM when hundreds of students began to flow out of the school’s main doors. In a matter of minutes, no, seconds, the school grounds were nearly empty. Not a single Phoenix in sight except for a group of students who work under the name of ‘Citadel Cleanup Core’.

Volunteers feeling happy ;D

Citadel Cleanup Core is a project initiated by a group of IB 12 students for the sake of serving our community, making our environment cleaner, and passing CAS. The project aims to gather students at least once a week to remove litter from around the school and nearby areas. The project is also collaborating with The Stephen Lewis Club, an extension of The Stephen Lewis Foundation which battles HIV & AIDS in Africa. 

Every Friday after school, the core crew meets outside the school building to pick up litter from the area. Any recyclables that they collect are redeemed for money which is then donated to the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Here is what leaders, volunteers, and teachers have to say about the Cleanup Core:

What do you think of this project?

“Amazing!!” -replied Ms. Nixon and Ms. Downie, who were both wearing very cute outfits that afternoon.

The pair then asked the volunteers the following question: Why did you decide to take part in the cleanup?

“Because why not?!” -An enthusiastic volunteer

“I wanted to make a difference, help clean the environment around the school, and make it a better place.” -Elora, G12

“Citadel has a lot of garbage around it....” -Kyla, G12

“We should all do our part to clean-up the environment. In doing that, we should start with what we already know needs action: the school.”

-Teddy, enthusiastic volunteer and Co-Prez, G12

“One thing can go a long way so we all have to put our hands together to make a difference here, you know?” -An enthusiastic, well-spoken volunteer

Sorting the litter

To the leaders: why did you decide to make this happen?

“I saw what was going on. As Covid-19 shut down the cafeteria, the school is now surrounded by more trash than ever. So, I decided to initiate this project for our school to be clean. Later on, we decided to collaborate with The Stephen Lewis Club so that we can turn some of our efforts toward charity.” -Rasha, leader of Citadel Cleanup Core, G12.

“We were racking our brains to find a Covid-safe, impactful way of fundraising. We came up with the idea of redeeming cans to be recycled and when we heard about this cleanup project, we decided to join as it is a good opportunity to achieve our club’s purpose, help out our local community, and promote the involvement of our young generation in global issues.” -Dongjia, leader of The Stephen Lewis Club, G12

“Through this idea we were able to involve a significant part of our school. This is an issue that a lot of people are passionate about. We wanted to speak to that while also raising money for The Stephen Lewis Foundation.” -Janani, leader of The Stephen Lewis Club, G12

Finally: what was the weirdest thing that you have picked up so far?

“A weird big rot of styrofoam.” - Anonymous

“A can with a condom in it.” - Anonymous