• Ella Albers and Julia Droesbeck

Local Business Gift Guide

The holidays are fast approaching, and we all know the dread of finding the perfect gift. With this in mind, we thought we’d share some of the top items on our list, all from local businesses, who need our support more than ever this time of year. Shop wisely!

For the person who “doesn’t need anything”:

  • This cool red mask from TREV clothing:

  • A cozy candle from circle and wick

  • A beautiful drawing of a halifax landmark from Studio 14

  • A custom t shirt from Midnight Oil https://shop.midnight-oil.ca/

For the fashion geek

  • A gift card to the loot, a second hand streetwear shop

  • A gift card to shotgun vintage, a collection of handmade, upcycled, streetwear pieces

  • A nice statement ring from the Black Market

  • An upcycled thrift from shotgun vintage https://www.shotgunvintage.com/

  • A cute clothing item from sweet pea boutique

For the spiritual person

  • A stunning dalmatian jasper ring that “aligns the physical, Emotional and Mental bodies with the etheric realm.” From this female owned, black owned business, rocks from my bra.

  • A tarot card reading at Fiends and co, a local business located in the North End https://www.fiendsco.ca

  • Some incense and an incense holder from the Black Market, downtown. 4447

For the coffee or tea lover


  • Some seasonal candy cane tea from World Tea House


For the fitness geek

  • A workout class or two at Move East gift-card

  • A gift card for a dinner out at EnVie, a vegan kitchen

For the book worm

During this pandemic, it's most important to support the business' around us - to keep them alive, and to keep spirits high. Hopefully this has helped!