• Lucy Boyne

Movember, Changing the Face of Men's Health

Fall of 2020 has been a challenging few months for Citadel clubs, committees and sports teams alike, but COVID-restrictions can’t stop the Global Committee from doing what they do best, spreading awareness on the most important issues facing our world today. On November 30th, the Global Committee encouraged Citadel students and staff to wear a moustache on their mask and sport their best blue outfits in support of the Movember movement.

What’s Movember you might ask? Movember is the leading charity in men’s health. They are a global movement challenging people across the world to grow a moustache for the month of November to show their support and raise money for the cause. Since its humble beginning in Australia in 2003, with no more than 30 “Mo-Bros”, the Movember movement has inspired over 6.6 million people to take part and over 22.6 million people to donate, resulting in a total of over 1.16 billion AUD (which is around 1.11 billion CAD) raised since its establishment!

And it doesn’t stop there, Movember has funded over 1250 men’s health projects, focusing specifically on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, suicide prevention and mental health. All of these issues are extremely important to target today. 1.3 million men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year while testicular cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among young canadian men. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, an estimated 1150 canadian men will get testicular cancer in 2020. Perhaps the most upsetting statistic, we lose one man to suicide every minute of the day. Thanks to the Movember initiative, the word is spreading not only across the 20 participating countries but all around the globe.

So on Monday, November 30th it was Citadel’s turn to show their support by dressing up in their most stylish blue outfits and many enthusiastic supporters took it upon themselves to decorate their masks with a moustache. “I am so proud of the Citadel community for showing their support for men’s health issues.” exclaimed Citadel High’s passionate Global executive, Kagan Akiyama, when asked about her feelings on Monday’s event, “I find that the conversation on men’s mental and physical health can often be overlooked and I feel as though this event was a great way to bring attention to some of these issues. I’m really happy to have seen staff members participating as well and helping bridge the gap between students and adults within the building.”

Now let’s take a look at some of Monday’s most creative masks! Featuring the global, promotions and environmental committee as well as some super spirited students...

A big thank you to the promotions committee for getting the word out and to the global committee for planning an amazing awareness campaign! And of course a huge thanks to everyone who participated. If you would like to read up on some more information about Movember and men’s health Movember Canada’s official website https://ca.movember.com/ has a ton of great resources to help you get involved. If you would like to get in on the planning of more events like this in the future, the global committee meets on Thursdays at lunch in room 201. Everyone is welcome!