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Phoenix Phest - Pictures and More

Another year, another Phoenix Phest - only this year 2 months later and in -3 degree weather. However, in the words of grade 12 Elliot Davis, "With school spirit we persist". Enthusiastic grade 11's and 12's, group leaders, COVID police and hype people alike, gathered to lead the less than excited grade 10's through their special welcome to Citadel. Co-prez Kendra Gannon expressed that she thinks "this is going to be really good, everyone seems happy to be outside and getting into it which is great!". This sentiment was reiterated to the Times over and over by grades 11 and 12's, such as when Peter Gillham stated to the Times that he believed being a part of Phoenix Phest was simply going to be an "Absolutely great experience.". Throughout the morning, Times agents Sheida Mousavi, Erica Nicholson and myself (Maxie Grant) made it our mission to capture the best moments of the event in the form of photographs and quotations. Without further ado, here they are:

First off, let's take a look at some of the best costumes from the morning:

Team Neon's Anne Christie making an entrance

Animal Print's Isabelle Drohan Posing

Lauchlan Mcdonough from Team Superhero

Jersey Team with the high participation!

Team Disney's Mike, Sulley and Boo!

Cowboys Slaying

Also Cowboys (?) Also Slaying

Team Canada!

Moving on... Let's take a look at some of our best action shots:

Some Friendly Basketball Competition

A Beautiful Round of Chicken Toss

Extremely Competitive Wheelbarrow Game

Dance Party!

Not really sure what is happening here but still cool!

Now.. Let's take a look at the shining stars of the morning:

The Courageous COVID Police

"Oh ya, hands have never been more sanitized, this is really important to us and we don't take it lightly - it's an honour" - COVID police representative.

Our Amazing DJ!

" I have no idea what I'm doing, it's not my playlist... I just turn it on." - DJ

And the voice behind it all.. Bridget Noseworthy!

All in all, Pheonix Phest was a hit. Though at times rough, with a need for a little bit more communication, the Times got some great feedback about the day;

"This is Funny" - Mme.Stockley

"It's very cold but the spirit keeps us warm" -Eamon Moan

"This is my first time doing this and I love it!" -Mr.Thibault

" This is really fun, and I'm making a lot of new friends" - Grade 10 student

Despite some complaints about the cold, fun was had. Wouldn't you agree?