• Maxie Grant and Gilad Maianski

Skirt Day! Review and Photos

Student Favourite Mr.Albers Rocking a Skirt

Dress codes, every student’s favourite set of rules. Nothing is better than having to remove your hats, or being forced to wear dress shirts and a tie, and be reprimanded for doing anything outside of this code of conduct. In particular, female students have been challenged with wearing clothes that do not go too far above the knees, and that are not too tight, but also that do not expose their bare arms or shoulders. These dress codes are not only out-dated, but also rooted in misogyny. Young girls are being held accountable for the behaviour, or lack thereof, of their male counterparts. A girl’s priority in school should be her own education, not how she may “distract” others. Citadel’s Student Council attempted to address this issue, by hosting “Skirt Day”.

With the "skirt Day" movement starting in Quebec with a young group of boys, the day attempts to showcase the inherent sexism and ridiculousness of dress codes, by having students all wear dresses, to show solidarity. Student Council Secretary, Bridget Noseworthy, who introduced and suggested participating in the movement, here at Citadel, had this to say, “I saw the boys in Quebec doing this movement for the double standards associated with dress codes, all the boys in the school did it, and I thought if council could take a step in it, at least council could wear more skirts and inspire people”. “Skirt Day” also doubles as an attempt to counter Toxic Masculinity. By dressing in a skirt, men are proving that clothes are not gendered, and that one’s own self-expression should not be limited to what social constructs demand. At school, each student should have the right to wear whatever they wish, without judgement or scrutiny. Trollope Time’s own Ella Albers states that “If Montreal boys can look cool doing it, why shouldn't Citadel boys?”. 

As Citadel’s first “Skirt Day” comes to an end, what should we expect for next year? Hopefully, rising up against the rules of school and society, will not be a one time thing, so how can Citadel fight back harder? It was noted that many Males did not participate in “Skirt Day”. We would like to ask, why the lack of participation? Is there a way to allow the male population of Citadel to engage in this event, without fear of ridicule or shame? We are sure the Student Council would love to hear feedback and constructive criticism. The Yearbook committee helped capture a lot of the photos shared below, so quick shout out for helping to document the day. 

Thank you Zoe (2nd from the Right) for Sending along Some Photos!


IB Theatre Reppin

This was taken During a Biology Class

7 Trollope Times members, 1 picture

Cit Soccer (JV and Varsity) players Supporting the Cause
Striking a Pose

Thumbs up For Gender Equality

Fire Drill Photoshoot
Camera Couldn't get Enough of Eamon Moan!

The Lighting May be Bad but the Skirts are Amazing


Love to See it!

Cheesin' to end Toxic Masculinity

Got some Grade 10's participating!

Last pic... Thanks for Reading!!