• Sheida Mousavi

The EAL Book Club is Underway - And there is Still Time to Join!

New to Canada? Want to improve your English skills? Then this club is for you.

The purpose of the EAL book club is for  new English readers to improve their skills in a fun and relaxed environment... so sign up! 

Sitting in two hour classes working on sentence structure, grammar and spelling is B.O.R.I.N.G - Real language learning happens when you chat with your friends and peers, and when you are chatting about great books, then it’s even more fun. That’s why the EAL club is great.

The club will give you a chapter book that is both interesting and at the appropriate level along with a CD so that your learning experience can actually be fun.  We will have meetings throughout the year in Ms. MacEachen's room (211) to discuss the book. Mini-focus groups can be arranged to support you during the reading process. 

I had the idea to start this book club because I remember how much I struggled to learn English when I first moved to Canada, I felt a lot of anger and frustration having to communicate in a language I didn’t understand, and no one understood me. The purpose of this club is to try and give a space where students who are learning English can have a positive and fun experience.  

Our next meeting will be Wednesday November 4th 11:35-12 in Ms. MacEachen's room (211).  We will decide on two book options and when we want to meet again. With all of us being so busy with school and homework, there will be no deadlines or homework so there is no pressure and we can read at our own pace. If you can’t make the meeting- don’t worry, Just contact me and I will tell you when our next date is and give you the book. 

If you are interested in joining please contact me at mgs246969@gnspes.ca or check out the website for more information and updates! https://sites.google.com/gnspes.ca/eslbookclubcitadel/home