• Anne Christie

Tips for Tenners

After one fabulous month back in the hallowed halls of Citadel, I Anne Christie am making my triumphant return to the world of high school journalism. “Why!?” you must be asking, Well let me tell you! I feel it is my duty as an intelligent, hilarious and ever so kind senior, to guide my little baby grade tens. 

So, I have reached out to my network at the Times to provide you, the tenners of Citadel, with some top-notch advice on how to survive high school and stay out of the way!

First, don’t be afraid to participate and show school spirit. Our school is actually good at everything, it’s not lame to be proud of that or take part in school events.

Use a planner to stay organized. Yes, planners may feel a little elementary school agenda circa 2012, but I promise it helps to stay organized. 

Don’t hug your friends in the middle of the hall. I don’t care if you miss them. You’re in the way and people will hate you for it. 

Wear deodorant. Now TRUST ME this rule is not to be taken lightly, collectively I’m sure we can make personal hygiene trendy. Granted it’s not only tenners but this applies universally.

Befriend any and all teachers. If you’re anything like me you’re going to have to ask for an extension or two and your chances are greatly improved if your teacher likes you! Bonus points if you’re willing to cry in front of them too (trust me it works). 

Walk faster some of us have places to be. This is the greatest piece of advice a Citadel student will ever receive. Although the staggered dismissal times have certainly lightened the load, we still have 1600 students and approximately 4 staircases, so just hurry up. 

Walk-in a straight line. You may be noticing a bit of a hallway theme here, the hallway crisis is the foremost downfall of Citadel. My source? Well, of course, Citadel's Hallway Crisis; A Friendly Reminder.

This one seems obvious but, Don’t play music from a speaker in your backpack. It’s not cool and I can promise that no one within earshot is impressed either. 

Make sure you get enough sleep. Normalize after school naps 2020, join my movement! 

Don’t (get caught) vaping in the bathrooms. Feel free to check out former editor's breakout article, Inside Citadel's Vaping Crisis for any more info. 

Do your homework even if the teachers not marking it. Personally, in grade ten, I was young and dumb and I didn’t take this one as seriously as I should have. The result of which was me crying in the bathroom between classes, so consider this me passing my knowledge onto the younger generation in the hopes of a brighter future. 

Now that I’m mature, brilliant and wise, I offer advice to any that ask (and many that don’t) in the hopes of enriching the experience of students at Citadel. And to the tenners of Citadel I hope that if you take anything from this article it’s that if you don’t bother me, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.